Grandma Jo’s® salsa began with a grandson and his grandmother. Growing up, Robert enjoyed traditional Mexican dishes made by his Grandma Jo. Grandma Jo was truly a one of a kind, special woman. She was tough as nails, had a big heart and her home was always open to family and friends.

No matter what time, day or night, there was always something to eat at grandmas. Her home was warm and alive with wonderful smells coming from her kitchen. Parties and big family get togethers were common place. The kids would be outside playing, Grandma Jo and her sisters would be in the kitchen cooking and the men around the BBQ with cervezas in hand. It truly was a special time for all.

As with all great businesses it starts with a great idea. We already had Grandma Jo’s award winning fresh salsa recipe. However, we wanted her fresh tasting salsa available to enjoy anytime, anywhere with just a twist of the lid. It needed to have the ability to be stored without refrigeration until opened, contain no preservatives, no added water, no added sugars, while using only fresh vegetables and spices. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved! Grandma Jo’s salsa is a premium salsa unlike any other you’ve tried before. Blended together with sixteen separate real ingredients to create layers of flavors that you will not just love but crave.

Today, every jar of Grandma Jo’s® salsa is created using high quality ingredients that always taste fresh. We use only natural and organic real ingredients which is better for you and has less of an impact on our environment.

“This salsa is dedicated to Grandma Jo for teaching me how to prepare traditional authentic Mexican dishes including this salsa. I love you Grandma Jo

Robert Lawton
Founder & CEO of 213 Foods